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Website update, and other things I'm working on.

Updated: Jun 24

Hey there! First and foremost, thank you to everyone who subscribed to this website so far - I'm really happy to see more and more people interested in my works. If you're someone who was familiar with this website for a longer time, you must have noticed that the website went through some sylistic changes in the recent months, to better fit my vision for the future. There will be more changes coming in the upcoming months too, and I wanted to make sure that anyone who might be interested in where my website and works go, can get accurate information via these little updates.

The things that will make some significant changes:

  • In the future, I'm going to use EUR as a payment currency. This information only important for my future customers, and will not affect any ongoing commissions that I accepted with an USD payment currency.

  • Me and my partner are currently figuring out ways to implement a webshop to this website via an e-commerce platform. In the past months, I've got several comments asking about a way to purchase my works as prints, and I'm hoping to find a solution for it.

  • Since it's all being completely in the planning status, I can't tell beforehand when will my webshop go live. I want to make sure I gather enough knowledge in this field before jumping right into the process.

  • In the meanwhile, I started working on a graphic novel, to try and pitch it to a literary agent and a publisher. I'm going to share some bits of the development of this story here in my blog in the upcoming months, - with my best ability to avoid oversharing. I'll leave some of my recent progress here in this post of a page currently in the making!

I wish you guys a great start of the week with this small sequence!


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