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About FailyTale

Everyone has their own book, filled with a story to tell. This one begins with...

A young prince named Flenot. His only companion is the prophecy that destined his life to to be a hero, and take  revenge on the monster who stole his heart, leaving him with no emphathy or remorse for any living - breathing thing on this earth. Flenot, tired of accidentally hunting down the wrong monster all the time, decides to look for a sidekick to do the dirty job for him. After receiving a one hundred gold compensation fee from each mistakenly harassed monster, he ends up penniless, and all the elite knights decline his job offer. The prince - with no other choice left  -, decides to go to the wrong side of the tracks, and search for brave applicants in the scandalous streets of Hysteria. Cail, a kind hearted hunter with no past accepts the prince's job offer to hunt down the faceless monster, finding out, they both miss the same chapter from their prophecies. As the pages turn, the two boys find themselves in a story that's not only holds the keys to their long lost past, but their future as well.


Will Flenot succeed to write his own "happy ever after" without becoming the monster of his own story?




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